Balanced Migration

Balanced Migration


Along with Nicholas Soames MP, Frank is Co-Chairman of the Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration.

"As with so many of the campaigns I am involved with, Balanced Migration is about trying to protect and re-establish a sense of national identity. Britain has always had large numbers of people coming to our shores, making their homes here and adding to our national wellbeing and our national wealth.   

What is now so different, indeed unique, is the scale of that migration. In the last ten years the Government has in fact allowed an open borders policy. As a result, the composition of this country is radically changing. Maybe that is what should happen, and maybe that is what voters would like to happen. But voters have not been consulted whether they want that as a policy and as an objective.  Balanced Migration is about pushing the Government to a position where it brings into balance, over time, the numbers of people who come to this country, and those who actually leave. The campaign is seeking a change in the law so that people could come here to work for four years only, but to break the link between coming here to work and then having the automatic right to become citizens, as they have in the past."

Frank Field MP   

The Group’s Vice-Chairmen are Lord (Bill) Jordan CBE (former President of the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union) and Daniel Kawczynski MP (Conservative).

Other members include:

House of Commons

Peter Bottomley (Conservative), Graham Brady (Conservative), Julian Brazier (Conservative), Christopher Chope (Conservative), Tracy Crouch (Conservative), Ian Davidson (Labour), Phillip Dunne (Conservative), Tobias Ellwood (Conservative), Roger Godsiff (Labour), Richard Graham (Conservative), Robert Halfon (Conservative), Tom Harris (Labour), Gordon Henderson (Conservative), Philip Hollobone (Conservative), Tristram Hunt (Labour), Eleanor Laing (Conservative), Peter Lilley (Conservative), Jonathan Lord (Conservative), John Mann (Labour), Richard Ottaway (Conservative), Ian Paisley (Democratic Unionist Party), Christopher Pincher (Conservative), Dominic Raab (Conservative), Andrew Selous (Conservative), Henry Smith (Conservative), Bob Stewart DSO (Conservative), Graham Stringer (Labour), Robin Walker (Conservative), Sammy Wilson (DUP), Nadim Zahawi (Conservative).

House of Lords

Lord Ahmed (Crossbencher), Lord Ancram (Conservative), Lord Anderson (Labour), Baroness Boothroyd (Crossbencher), Lord Carey (Crossbencher) Baroness Cox (Crossbencher), Earl Ferrers (Conservative), Lord Howard (Conservative), Lord Inge (Crossbencher), Lord Lamont (Conservative), Lord Leach (Conservative), Lord Moran (Crossbencher), Lord Ramsbotham (Crossbencher), Lord Skidelsky (Crossbencher), Lord Vinson (Conservative), Lord Wakeham (Conservative).

Outside Parliament

Mr Hazhir Teimourian, Mr Jonathon Porritt, Mr Charles Moore.