Victory for patients - Services at Miriam Medical Centre to be extended

28 Jun 2019
Commenting on Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group’s revised proposals for Urgent Care, published today, Frank Field MP says:

‘Birkenhead asked with a collective voice for our vital care services at the Miriam Medical Centre to be protected and strengthened. Today, our voice has been heard. Under these revised proposals, not only will Miriam remain open to all age groups, on a drop-in basis, throughout the whole year, but its opening hours will be extended. Care and treatment will remain available in our community where we, as patients, need to access them. 

‘If these proposals are signed off at the health authorities’ next meeting, this will represent a monumental victory for our campaign which was led by Dr Mantgani and supported by so many residents and councillors. Thank you to those many, many thousands of residents whose feedback has made this decision possible.’

In November 2018, Frank wrote to every household in Birkenhead asking for their views on Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group’s original proposals to place limits on the services provided at the Miriam Medical Centre.