Meghan Markle and Prince Harry make children’s faces ‘light up’ in ‘magical’ moment

Daily Express - 22 Jan 2019

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry delighted children during their royal visit to Birkenhead and the youngsters are "still talking about it continuously".

Children’s faces “lit up” in a “magical” moment when they met the Duke and Duchess of Sussex last week, according to one well-wisher who greeted the couple during a walkabout. Birkenhead MP Frank Field shared the message he had received from the royal fan in a post on Twitter.

The royal well-wisher organised for a group of visually impaired children to visit Hamilton Square on the day of Harry and Meghan’s engagement.

And the couple - who are expecting their first child - delighted the youngsters when they stopped to greet them.

The royal fan’s message to Mr Field said: "I was able to organise for a group of our Visually Impaired children to visit Hamilton Square on Monday when Prince Harry and Meghan came to Birkenhead.

“For the children I support and the many others that came down to welcome them truly is a once in a life time opportunity but the fact that yourself and both the Duke and Duchess took the time to interact with my group, to get down to their level, to ask them questions about the Braille cards they had made and more importantly to let them hug, hold their hands and touch their faces is more than I could of ever dreamt of for these children!

“I have supported two of them since they were 4 years old and they are both now 11, they’re not only my students but dearly have a place in my heart and always will and to see how excited they were and their faces light up was just magical, and the fact they are still talking about it continuously has really made my day!”

Harry and Meghan completed a number of engagements during their day in Birkenhead.

Huge crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of the royal couple in the Merseyside town.

As she chatted to well-wishers, Meghan revealed she is due to give birth at the end of April or the beginning of May.

Kensington Palace had only previously said the couple were expecting their baby in the spring.

Meghan added that she and Harry did not know if they are having a boy or a girl.

And Harry made a youngster’s day by giving her a hug after he spotted her “gingers unite” sign.

The red-haired prince approached four-year-old Eliza Morris when saw her sign which read: “Gingers Unite - I love you Harry.”

Katie Harris, Daily Express