Justice for Hermes couriers

04 Feb 2019

Commenting on the landmark settlement that has been negotiated between Hermes and the GMB union, over new contracts for couriers, Frank Field MP said:


‘Justice has finally been delivered for those couriers whose chronically low pay and appalling exploitation at the hands of Hermes I reported on, and whose cases I submitted to the GMB union two years ago. 


‘This guarantee of greater financial security - in the form of minimum wages and holiday pay - alongside genuine flexibility, must now form the cornerstone of a new contract for workers across the gig economy. 


‘For that to happen, we need the Government to set up a robust, proactive labour inspectorate with the powers it needs to expose injustice, enforce the law, and prevent big companies ripping off workers in vulnerable positions.’


In September 2016, Frank published a report on Hermes couriers’ pay and conditions: http://www.frankfield.co.uk/upload/docs/Wild%20West%20Workplace.pdf 


Following the report’s publication, Frank gained a commitment from the GMB union to pursue an Employment Tribunal claim on behalf of Hermes couriers. The claim was successful and led to the negotiation of the new contract being announced today.