Free MP hotlines installed across Birkenhead

18 Jun 2019

Birkenhead residents seeking urgent help can now access free hotlines in different locations across the town.

The hotlines will connect them straight away with Frank Field MP’s office, who are able to help with issues ranging from benefit claims and assessments, to housing, debt, and antisocial behaviour.

The first four hotlines are being installed at:

  • Birkenhead Town Hall in Hamilton Square
  • Number 7 citizens’ supermarket and community café in the Grange shopping precinct
  • Beaconsfield Community House in Rock Ferry
  • St James Centre in North Birkenhead

The hotlines are now live at the first three locations. The St James Centre is due to have one installed in the next few weeks. The position of the hotline within each location has been determined by the need, above all else, to respect callers’ privacy.

Frank comments: ‘Many thousands of residents from different parts of Birkenhead seek help from my office. We are often a last resort for people who are either at their wits’ end or on the brink of chronic hardship and feel as though they have nowhere else to turn. We fight hard for everyone who seeks our help.

‘I’m always seeking ways to ensure that the casework service provided by my office becomes ever more accessible to as many residents as possible, where they live and when they need it. It is often when people visit their local community centre, and speak with the staff and volunteers there, that the need for urgent help emerges.

‘I hope these new hotlines, in addition to my Freephone number – 0800 028 0293 – and regular advice surgeries, will help to deliver such a service that residents deserve.’