Frank Field launches The Birkenhead Community Summit

16 Jan 2019
Birkenhead’s MP Frank Field hosted the first Birkenhead Community Summit at the Wirral Deen Centre on Saturday 12th January. The Summit enabled community and faith groups in Birkenhead to get together and discuss issues that matter to the town, with the aim being to develop even stronger working relationships between different organisations so that resources and ideas can be pooled effectively.

Frank comments: ‘In response to the changing face of poverty, and other pressing social needs, a network of organisations has steadily been built up in recent years to help local people and deliver vital new services. The aim of The Birkenhead Community Summit is to build on this existing network and develop it further so that our collective firepower can be directed towards addressing these issues.’

Faith Leader Ibrahim Syed from with Wirral Deen Centre, alongside Revd. Mike Loach and others, will now organise regular Community Summit events across Birkenhead to develop closer partnership working and shine a spotlight on key issues that are facing the town.

Frank adds: ‘Saturday’s first Birkenhead Community Summit was a huge success, bringing groups and agencies together to forge new relationships and talk about the important issues affecting our town. I very much hope we will be able to meet regularly in even greater numbers as, by doing so, we will become a new collective force for good, adding constantly to the range and effectiveness of services being offered in our communities. One initial example stemming from our first Community Summit is the provision of additional support for people struggling to use the online system to make a claim for Universal Credit.’

Any organisations or community groups wishing to join The Birkenhead Community Summit can contact Frank at