Frank Field MP calls for free port along the River Mersey to boost jobs and growth after Brexit

31 Jul 2019
Birkenhead’s MP Frank Field is calling on the Government to establish a free port in Merseyside.

A free port is an area that is physically within a country but legally outside it for customs purposes. Goods that enter a free port do not incur import duty.

This offers notable advantages, most particularly that goods can be imported, processed, and then re-exported without incurring any duty. This incentivises international businesses to use the free port as part of their supply chain, stimulating domestic manufacturing and creating jobs in the process.

Frank comments: ‘I’ve been lobbying hard to ensure that businesses along the River Mersey can opt to be part of a free port. Rishi Sunak, the new Chief Secretary to the Treasury, will be the person who decides on the financing in conjunction with Liz Truss, the new International Trade Secretary.

‘Simon Clarke, who is a Teesside MP, and I have been lobbying for establishing free ports as part of a post-Brexit economic programme. Simon is the new Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury.

‘A free port along the Mersey could provide a major boost to our manufacturing industry and create large numbers of jobs in our area. Safeguards would, of course, be required to prevent the scheme from being abused, but a new free port could provide such an exciting new opportunity for industries in Merseyside.’