Enough food to feed 1,400 schoolchildren donated thanks to Feeding Birkenhead and His Church

Wirral Globe - 10 Nov 2017
Schoolchildren across the borough will receive free breakfast throughout the existing term-time thanks to project Feeding Birkenhead.

On Thursday, around 1,800 boxes of cereal and 68 packs of porridge, fruit snacks and drinks were collected by 20 schools and community projects.

This was made possible by Feeding Birkenhead, thanks to donations from the public.

This campaign equips primary schools with supplies to set up or maintain free breakfast clubs for the new term.

Spearheaded by Birkenhead MP Frank Field, the latest drive by the campaign will feed 1,400 children over the remainder of the school term through breakfast clubs with some schools even allowing families to take some food home with them.

The food was supplied to Feeding Birkenhead by His Church, a charity which intercepts food from the supply chain before it becomes surplus.

Mr Field told the Globe: “Thanks are due on three fronts, in particular, for this latest huge effort from Feeding Birkenhead.

“Firstly to local residents who are so supportive of our programme to prevent children being hungry.

“Secondly to the brilliant His Church who, yet again, have supplied Feeding Birkenhead with the food we need to deliver this programme.

“And huge thanks are due as well to school staff who throw themselves onto the frontline, day after day, to ensure children don't start the school day on an empty stomach.”

Lauren Jones, Wirral Globe