Brexit fantasies that left us staring into the abyss

The Guardian - 14 Mar 2019

Parliament is in the Brexit endgame, as your leader notes, where it now faces a clear choice (Tories who embrace chaos and delusion demean the Commons and the country, 14 March). The idea that, at this late stage, the UK should crash out of the EU without a deal is absurd. Large numbers of firms and jobs in manufacturing would disappear. The prospect of no deal has been kept on the negotiating table for two years, to give our negotiators some leverage, but any last-ditch attempts at seriously pursuing this destructive fantasy must be stopped. I voted last night to take no deal off the table.

Those Brexiteers who remain wedded to this fantasy need to face reality. We either leave the EU with the deal we are offered or risk there being no Brexit at all, which is now a real prospect. How would MPs representing constituencies that voted leave face the electorate if we were to allow the result of the referendum to be stolen, as a result of our failure to pass a Brexit deal next week?

Frank Field MP
Independent, Birkenhead