Frank Field MP
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All Party Groups

These are cross-party groups established by MPs in order to investigate issues of interest in greater depth.

I am involved with the following groups:

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Responsible Tax

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Ending Homelessness

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Youth Employment

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Conception to Age 2

Zimbabwe Group

I am Vice-Chair of this group. This was set up to fuel debate on the atrocities that are taking place under the Mugabe regime. Following the regime's illegitimate re-election, its ill-conceived land reform programme, its spate of murder and thuggery, as well as its attempts to stifle any hope of democracy, have left a brutalised and persecuted people in the midst of deep economic turmoil.

Through highlighting the severity of the problems faced in Zimbabwe, we are seeking to again push this high up the political agenda to spur the British Government into action.

Group on Dying Well

Purpose: To promote understanding of how good palliative care can enable terminally ill people to die
peacefully and naturally; to work with hospice care providers to support efforts to widen and
improve palliative care provision; and to oppose the legislation of assisted suicide and

Group on Economics, Money and Banking

Purpose: To provide Members with information, new ideas, talks and debating opportunities on
economics, money and banking.

Group on Hospice and Palliative Care

Purpose: To maintain and develop and interest in hospice and palliative care, and generally, in the case
of those with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

Group on Social Mobility

Purpose: To discuss and evaluate key issues and indicators of social mobility and barriers to it. To
hold seminars and meetings to present and highlight the latest research on social mobility.

Group for Sustainable Relationships

Purpose: To promote and develop marriage and relationship skills and support, identifying best practice within the UK and internationally to help reduce family breakdown.

Group on Trade out of Poverty

Purpose:To identify obstacles which prevent poor countries from entering into internationial trade and to encourage rich countries to open their markets to exports from the low income countries.

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