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Frank Field MP launches inquiry into pay, working conditions and basic rights at Deliveroo

18 June 2018
Commons Chamber

Frank Field MP today launches his latest inquiry into the pay and working conditions of people trying to earn a living in the ‘gig economy’.

Over the past two years, Frank and his colleague Andrew Forsey have published a series of reports based on hundreds of testimonies from people who work with Hermes, Uber, DPD and Parcelforce. The reports have shone a bright light on the extent of low pay, exploitation, and bogus self-employment afflicting all too many workers at the bottom of the labour market.

This latest inquiry will, over the next five weeks, gather evidence from Deliveroo riders in an attempt to supplement the evidence base on the living standards of workers in the ‘gig economy’, as well as the need for any additional safeguards.

It will include a roundtable, organised by the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB), at which Deliveroo riders can present oral evidence based on their experience of working with the company. Frank will also be writing to Deliveroo with a series of questions on riders’ pay and conditions.

Commenting on the inquiry, Frank says: ‘The weight of the evidence I’ve seen shows that bogus self-employment is being peddled by those who benefit so handsomely from the gig economy, to avoid the obligations they have to their workforce. I now wish to see if this is a partial view or whether it, sadly, represents what is going on in yet another company operating in the gig economy.’

Jason Moyer-Lee, General Secretary of IWGB, adds: ‘Following on from last week's High Court decision that our workers' and human rights case against Deliveroo can proceed for judicial review, today's announcement is another important step in achieving justice for low paid Deliveroo riders. I'm familiar with how Deliveroo justifies its actions in legalese, but I do look forward to seeing how they justify depriving riders of fundamental human rights in their evidence to Frank Field MP.’

The inquiry will cover the following questions:

- How long have you been working for Deliveroo?
- How often do you work for Deliveroo?
- What are the best and worst aspects of working for Deliveroo on the current basis?
- Are you paid per delivery, or on an hourly basis?
- Do you recall what your lowest, average, and highest hourly wages have been from Deliveroo in recent months?
- Does your hourly rate of pay ever fall below the minimum wage and, if so, are you able to tell us why?
- Do you feel as though ‘self-employment’ accurately represents your working relationship with Deliveroo?
- Do you feel as though your pay adequately covers the whole of the time you are working, and all of the expenses you incur whilst working?
- What impact, if any, do your pay and working patterns have on your personal finances and your home or family life?
- Are there many, if any, periods of time in which you’re logged in and available for work, but are not offered much or any work?
- What trends have you picked up in your workload, in terms of the numbers of jobs you are given each hour you’re logged in and the number of meals you are expected to deliver within a certain period of time?
- Do you feel adequately supported and looked after by Deliveroo, and can you explain why?
- Do you feel that the risks and rewards are shared fairly between Deliveroo and its riders, and can you explain why?
- Have you, or any colleagues, had work withdrawn, or been penalised in any other way? If so, for what reason?
- Is your pay slip/invoice easy to understand and is it an accurate reflection of your work?
- Are you given any say over your pay or working conditions at Deliveroo?
- Would you like the ability to have a union negotiate things like pay and terms and conditions for you?
- Would you like Deliveroo to consult you and your colleagues collectively before making decisions that affect you?
- Do you think Deliveroo riders are given a fair hearing before Deliveroo takes decisions that affect them?
- Do you feel that Deliveroo respects your human rights, such as the right to live in dignity, the right not to be discriminated against, and the right to join a trade union?
- Would you like to make any further comments about your pay and working conditions with Deliveroo?
- What specific recommendations would you make for improving your pay and working conditions?

Should you wish to contribute to the inquiry, please email


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