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£50 million being lifted from the pockets of poor children

11 September 2017
Food bank Frank Field MP today estimates that the cost to thousands of Britain’s poorest families of the Government’s refusal to accept the High Court’s recent ruling on the Benefit Cap will surpass £50 million.

The High Court ruled in June that lone parents with children aged under two should not be covered by the Cap, as they do not qualify for free childcare and so would find it difficult to work enough hours to have the Cap lifted.

However, the Government’s appeal will not be heard until next June. In the meantime, the Cap will continue to be enforced in its current form.

The House of Commons Library estimates that 17,100 lone parents with children aged under two currently fall under the Cap. The average cash loss to lone parents under the Cap is approximately £3,000 a year. This means that over the next year, until the appeal is heard, this group of households will incur a loss of income totaling £50 million.

Frank comments: ‘The Government is inflicting yet another year of misery upon some of Britain’s poorest families who should never have been covered by the Benefit Cap. This appalling move represents a programme of state-sponsored destitution. Justice demands that the Government should accept the High Court ruling and move immediately to help those families who have been wrongly clobbered by the Cap.’


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