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Press Release - 08 December 2015
As our society becomes more secular, or post-Christian, it has a greater need for a social highway code, such as the set of social rules that were taught within a widely-accepted religious culture. This is the main finding given to the Living Together Well Conference today by Frank Field MP.
Press Release - 30 November 2015
Food bank
Frank has written to Wirral’s Chief Superintendent John Martin on behalf of local residents who have reported various instances of crime and antisocial behaviour to the authorities, only to be left dismayed by an apparent lack of response.
Press Release - 25 November 2015
Commons Chamber
Frank comments on the Chancellor of the Exchequer's U-turn on tax credits
Press Release - 19 November 2015
Commons Chamber
In a presentation to the King’s Fund today Frank examines the financial pressures on the NHS that will blow it apart by the end of this Parliament.
Press Release - 09 November 2015
Commons Chamber
The political fight now needs to be centred on how protect the very poorest from the Government’s tax credit onslaught
Press Release - 05 November 2015
Commons Chamber
The muddle the Chancellor is in results from his starting point of aiming simply to save £4.4 billion. The inability of the Chancellor to get his tax credit cuts through the House of Lords allows him to ask a different question: ‘How do I transform the role of tax credits from one that was a general subsidy to low wages to one that will become a benefit to poorer children, underpinned by a National Living Wage strategy?
Press Release - 02 November 2015
Commons Chamber
The Liverpool City Region Child Poverty and Life Chances Commission has discovered disturbing differences between boroughs over the past year in the number of families with children who are registered as homeless.
Press Release - 29 October 2015
Commons Chamber
The message stems from a debate and vote on a motion tabled by Frank Field MP, and backed by a cross-party group of MPs, which called on the Government to think again before implementing the tax credit changes announced in July. The motion was carried through the Commons this afternoon with no opposition.
Press Release - 26 October 2015
Food bank
Frank asked the Council earlier this year whether it might combat child hunger in the borough by using its Housing Benefit records to register all eligible children for free school meals.
Press Release - 22 October 2015
Food bank
Frank welcomes the Government's trial of the "yellow card" warning system and the reassessment of what constitutes hardship.
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