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Press Release - 21 December 2015
Commons Chamber
In a forthcoming Civitas publication, Frank argues that tackling the Housing Benefit bill requires controlled immigration and a major increase in housebuilding. At the same time, skills shortages in the construction industry should be plugged by training young welfare dependents rather than importing workers from Europe.
Press Release - 17 December 2015
Commons Chamber
Frank Field MP, Chair of the Work and Pensions Committee, said: “All the evidence points to our life chances being largely established in the very early years from the womb onwards. We can predict as children cross the school threshold for the first time their attainment and chances of gainful employment when they join the labour market. It is crucial that we understand how to measure and address these factors to give all children the best possible chances in life.”
Press Release - 16 December 2015
Empty homes
There are enough empty properties in Birkenhead to house all those families in urgent need of a new home. That’s the basis of a proposal being submitted to Wirral Council by Frank Field MP, Councillor Paul Doughty and Vicky Nowak, Oxton’s Labour candidate for 2016, who have found there are 1,800 empty properties in Birkenhead and the same number of families in priority need on the housing list.
Press Release - 15 December 2015
Food bank
Frank’s bill has gained support from 126 MPs from across the House and is still gaining support. The bill requires the Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, to place a duty on each local authority automatically to identify and then register all eligible children for free school meals.
Press Release - 10 December 2015
Food bank
One year on from its Feeding Britain report, a cross-party group of MPs and Peers, chaired by Frank Field MP, today publishes a route map to ending hunger as we know it in the United Kingdom.
Press Release - 08 December 2015
Commons Chamber
Frank voted to expand Britain's military policy for one major reason. The President of Syria commits the most terrible crimes, but he does not train terrorists to go into other countries around him, or into Europe, to commit murder. ISIL does and it is quite clear we are a target for this murderous group.
Press Release - 08 December 2015
As our society becomes more secular, or post-Christian, it has a greater need for a social highway code, such as the set of social rules that were taught within a widely-accepted religious culture. This is the main finding given to the Living Together Well Conference today by Frank Field MP.
Press Release - 30 November 2015
Food bank
Frank has written to Wirral’s Chief Superintendent John Martin on behalf of local residents who have reported various instances of crime and antisocial behaviour to the authorities, only to be left dismayed by an apparent lack of response.
Press Release - 25 November 2015
Commons Chamber
Frank comments on the Chancellor of the Exchequer's U-turn on tax credits
Press Release - 19 November 2015
Commons Chamber
In a presentation to the King’s Fund today Frank examines the financial pressures on the NHS that will blow it apart by the end of this Parliament.
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