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Press Release - 06 July 2016
Food bank
The MPs write: ‘In casting their vote in favour of Leave, the plea coming from many hundreds of thousands of Labour supporters to politicians was twofold: to deliver an improvement in living standards that has escaped them in the past decade of globalisation, and to regain control of our country’s borders. We very much hope that, should you win the Conservative leadership contest, you will act on their wishes.'
Press Release - 05 July 2016
Food bank
Frank is supporting the British Dental Association's campaign for a strategy to improve oral health, make the new dental contract truly preventive, and secure investment in NHS dentistry to improve access. He has tabled a parliamentary question to the Health Secretary asking what action he intends to take to improve oral health among poorer children, in particular.
Press Release - 29 June 2016
Food bank
Frank Field MP, whose local authority passed 8,274 Council Tax debts to bailiffs in 2014-15, is concerned that the abolition of Council Tax Benefit, and its replacement by discretionary local schemes, may have contributed to this ‘black hole’ in Council Tax revenue. Some of the poorest people in the country are now being asked to pay Council Tax for the first time in their lives, and many of them are simply unable to afford this extra cost.
Press Release - 27 June 2016
Dacre Hill
On Saturday, Councillor Moira McLaughlin and MP Frank Field visited the first house to be repaired. The remainder of the houses will be repaired within the next 12-18 months, to prevent the recurrence of mould and damp.
Press Release - 27 June 2016
Food bank
The Birkenhead result reflected the overall result in the country. While the other three Wirral constituencies voted to Remain, there were large shifts between prosperous and non-prosperous parts of the borough. The poorer the area, irrespective of its location in Wirral, the bigger its Leave vote was.
Press Release - 24 June 2016
Commons Chamber
This is the first clear revolt against globalisation and its undermining of working-class living standards
Press Release - 14 June 2016
BBC News
I am incredibly anxious for the Government to change its mind and make a concession.
Press Release - 09 June 2016
Commons Chamber
In a speech given today to the inaugural Parent Infant Partnerships conference, Frank Field MP proposes ways in which the Government should use the unique opportunity in its forthcoming Life Chances Strategy, to gear its machinery towards preventing poor children growing up to become poor adults.
Press Release - 25 May 2016
Food bank
Free meals and fun activities will be provided throughout the May half term for children in Rock Ferry, Tranmere and the North End. The campaign successfully provided free meals and fun activities for 195 children during the Easter holidays. It did so at a total cost of £6.90 per child. This builds on the results from the February half term, during which 125 children were provided for at a cost of £8.25 per child.
Press Release - 19 May 2016
Commons Chamber
Almost half the families in Merseyside who have been hit by the Bedroom Tax have cut back on food and utilities in an attempt to pay their rent. That is one of the preliminary findings published today by the Liverpool City Region Child Poverty and Life Chances Commission, chaired by Frank Field MP, which is conducting a study into families’ coping strategies following the introduction of the Bedroom Tax three years ago.
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