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Press Release - 16 January 2017
Food bank
- Liverpool City Region bucks national trend as new project helps pregnant women in Halton and Knowsley set 4-week quit date - Commission now aims to extend project across the Region
Press Release - 11 January 2017
Commons Chamber
Frank has this week been contacted by an A&E nurse who describes herself as ‘broken’. The nurse has reported to Frank that up to five ambulances at a time are queuing each night to offload their patients, as the A&E unit is full to capacity. In addition, nurses are themselves sustaining injuries due to the shortage of staff available to move beds and heavy equipment.
Press Release - 21 December 2016
Food bank
- Anti-poverty commission proposes major changes to the Bedroom Tax - Commission also launches legal appeal for families seeking exemption from the Bedroom Tax - New evidence shows that a large majority of families with children have cut back on food, gas, and electricity to pay the Bedroom Tax – parents are going hungry to feed their children
Press Release - 02 December 2016
Commons Chamber
- NHS faces a total funding gap of £67.7 billion over the next five years - Intensive care required through an immediate 1p increase in National Insurance which is supported by the public - National Health and Social Care Service funded by a new, progressive, National Insurance system, which grants a tax cut to low-paid workers, will secure the next stage in the life of the one institution of the Attlee Government which still commands the public’s affection
Press Release - 21 November 2016
Food bank
Feeding Birkenhead has today extended its pioneering Food Bank Plus service to the end of 2018. The service has helped hundreds of people avoid having to make repeat visits to Birkenhead’s food banks, by resolving their crises there and then during a first visit.
Press Release - 14 November 2016
Food bank
Frank today calls on the Government to set itself a target of processing and paying all new unemployment and sickness benefit claims within five days of those claims being made, as a means of cutting the numbers of people having to rely on food banks.
Press Release - 08 November 2016
Food bank
That 260,000 people have needed to rely on a Trussell Trust food bank in the past six months is disturbing for two reasons: clearly large numbers of people comprising Britain’s vulnerable human underbelly are hungry, and there are likely to be at least as many people who have sought help from independent food banks. Others still will have suffered hunger in silence.
Press Release - 07 November 2016
Commons Chamber
In August, 1,095 people waited more than four hours in A&E; up by 308 on the same month last year.
Press Release - 04 November 2016
Food bank
Feeding Birkenhead has already delivered free breakfast cereal supplies from His Church to more than a dozen schools, reaching hundreds of children, and Frank is now appealing to the public to help all schools offer healthy, nutritious breakfasts every day.
Press Release - 02 November 2016
Food bank
Frank Field has requested immediate action from Merseyside Police and Wirral Council to prevent yobs attacking buses travelling through the town’s North End.
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