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Public meeting at St Oswald's on local youth services

15 October 2014

Following the eye-watering cuts that have been forced upon Wirral Council by the Tories and the Lib Dems in Westminster, the Council is looking to move Birkenhead’s youth services into one new centre.

But this means there are questions marks over the future of existing youth services in Bidston, Beechwood and Leasowe.

With your help, though, we can try to work up a proposal with the Council which keeps these local services open.

Each of our existing centres attracts around 50 youngsters through its doors each night. Here they can receive help on a whole number of things going on in their lives, or simply relax with their friends. The centres have proven to be so popular because they are right on people’s doorsteps.

You may recall last year the uncertainty which surrounded the future of our Williamson Museum and Art Gallery. Since then, local organisations have come together to work up a plan not just to safeguard its future, but to allow it to flourish.

Our goal should be to set out a similar plan in which our local youth services are able to run themselves.

I have therefore called a public meeting for 2pm on Friday, October 24 in the church hall at St Oswald's. We expect representatives from each of the local youth services, the Council and other interested organisations to be present. The meeting is also open to local residents.

For more information, and if you wish to attend, might you please contact me on


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