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Knocking The Nockie

13 December 2011
Frank with WPH ASB team Frank met with WPH's ASB team to congratulate them on recieving a Tilley award for their work on the Nocturum Estate.

The Aim of the team is to bring back the idea of everyone being a good neighbour and that neighbours from hell have to realise that they risk losing their home by continuous anti-social behaviour.
The group recieved a certificate of merit for their scheme, named 'Knocking The Nockie' which developed a tailored package of interventions that were implemented all year round, with specific additional focus being provided between Halloween and bonfire night.

Interventions included:
  • a series of out of targeted home visits whereby parents of offenders were warned under existing tenancy agreements about the likelihood of eviction if problems persisted
  • adopting a restorative justice approach for removing vandalism and graffiti
  • working with the local community to organise events, such as a local bonfire night, as part of improving community cohesion within the area.
The area has seen impressive reductions in antisocial behaviour and criminal damage:
  • inappropriate use of fireworks reduced by over 59 per cent (from 109 between 15 October – 15 November 2008 to 44 per cent over the same period in 2010)
  • environmental damage reduced by over 80 per cent (from 57 incidents between 15 October – 15 November 2008 to 15 incidents over the same period in 2010)
  • rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour reduced by over 55 per cent (from 775 incidents between 15 October and 15 November 2008 to 346 incidents between the same period in 2010)

Picture is Frank congratulating members of the team. From Left; David Lingard, Clare Moore, Frank Field, Sam Brown and Jayne Winders


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