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Birkenhead & Tranmere’s representatives fight to keep popular Brooks Court warden

12 April 2017
Commons Chamber

Birkenhead & Tranmere’s councillors, Jean Stapleton and Phil Davies, and Labour’s next candidate for the ward, Paul Jobson, have launched a last ditch effort with Frank Field MP to prevent One Vision Housing relocating a popular live-in warden away from a housing scheme for the elderly.

Residents at Brooks Court on Whetstone Lane are fearful of losing the close and frequent contact they have with their warden, following a reorganisation that has been proposed by the housing provider. The reorganisation would involve the warden having to move elsewhere and their current property being rented to a new tenant. Residents fear that this would result in them having to pay additional monies for an out-of-hours contractor to be available, while only occasionally being able to call on their warden.

Jean, Phil, and Frank have raised residents’ concerns with One Vision Housing and will soon be visiting Brooks Court to put together an opposing case.

Frank said: ‘The proposal is causing considerable distress to the residents of Brooks Court. The area surrounding the facility is always vulnerable to antisocial behaviour and the presence of an on-site warden helps residents to feel that much safer and more secure in their own home. If the warden were to live elsewhere, and only call in occasionally, residents would feel very vulnerable. Above all, this is a service that the residents pay for. It would be daylight robbery to move the warden elsewhere.’

Jean commented: ‘The residents are very upset and angry at the change of service proposed by One Vision. The organisation needs to listen and act on their wishes.’

Phil added: ‘The residents are up in arms about this proposal. They really value a warden who lives on site. It gives them peace of mind to think that someone is available at a moment’s notice to provide help. Residents feel that One Vision is only doing this to make money and it is putting profit before the security of its tenants.’

Paul said: ‘We are determined to convey residents’ concerns to One Vision and to gain the outcome they want: to keep their live-in warden who helps them feel safe and secure.’


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