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- 12 April 2017
Commons Chamber
Birkenhead & Tranmere’s councillors, Jean Stapleton and Phil Davies, and Labour’s next candidate for the ward, Paul Jobson, have launched a last ditch effort with Frank Field MP to prevent One Vision Housing relocating a popular live-in warden away from a housing scheme for the elderly.
- 03 April 2017
His Church
Projects providing free meals and fun for children in the North End, Rock Ferry, and Tranmere
- 05 November 2015
Commons Chamber
Birkenhead Labour Party has a new website carrying news from each ward, information on upcoming events, as well as Frank's work in Birkenhead and Westminster. The new website can be found here:
- 24 July 2015
Food bank
A full list of dates, times, locations and contact details for food and fun activities for children in Birkenhead during the Summer Holiday
- 15 October 2014
I am holding a public meeting Friday 24th October at 2pm on the future of our local youth services
- 08 October 2014
Unfortunately, the refurbishment plans for Rock Ferry Post Office, 2 King Street, Birkenhead, CH42 2AJ, have been put on hold until the New Year now. Customers will be kept informed by posters in the branch and will write to them when they have an update.
- 28 March 2014
Frank says, "The Post Office is vital to the community around Oxton Village and I'm sure the new improved office, and the longer opening hours, will be warmly welcomed by all of my constituents."
- Published in BBC Daily Politics - 12 December 2013
The first three years of a child's life are the most important, Frank tells BBC Daily Politics
- Published in Local News - 10 October 2013
Frank says the Heritage Lottery Fund grant will help to rebalance the cultural pull of both sides of the Mersey
- 12 September 2012
Given what we now know about how children's abilities develop, we would surely not opt for the rigid structural schools we have inherited from the Victorians. The best research we have shows that the level of an individual’s later educational attainment is massively determined by the level achieved before it.
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