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- Published in The Times - 18 June 2014
The Times
Unfortunately Michael Gove shows little if any interest in this area, building an education policy based on his own experience. I admire the way he drives through his policies, but schools can only achieve what he wishes for them if the foundation years give children the skills they need before school to help to trump their class background.
- Published in The Observer - 01 June 2014
In this open letter to Ed Miliband, seven Labour MPs assert that Britain's working class have paid a heavy price for the huge influx of east European migrants over the past decade – and the party faces a backlash as a result
- Published in The Times - 28 May 2014
The Times
Immigration is a key example where working-class concerns were treated as racism in modern guise.
- Published in The Observer - 25 May 2014
A reformed national insurance system is the way forward to fund the NHS
- Published in The Guardian - 30 April 2014
The founders of the Labour party sought ways of ensuring greater equality of outcomes. The foundation years debate focuses on what seems to be the most promising way of achieving that noble ambition.
- Published in The Guardian - 24 April 2014
In order to gain a fuller picture of the extent of hunger in this country and, as importantly, the underlying drivers of the numbers, as well as any short-term factors, the all-party parliamentary group on hunger and food poverty has established an inquiry
- Published in The Independent - 23 April 2014
Are any of the parties going to face up to how severe the crisis is in financing health and social care, or are we all going to be hit by the fallout in the next parliament?
- 07 March 2014
Increasing numbers of people attend English cathedrals because of their music. This music is rightly amongst a cathedral’s greatest drawing power, but it has to be paid for.
- Published in The Guardian - 05 March 2014
Any anti-poverty strategy worth its name must centre on radically changing life chances before children come into school.
- 20 February 2014
Huge amounts of research now shows us that what happens to us in our first couple of years of life will, on average, determine our success not only academically, economically but socially. Those politicians interested in social mobility should concentrate their thinking and actions on these crucial first two years of life.
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