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- Published in Church Times - 27 February 2015
Church Times
William Temple observed that, when the Church does politics successfully, it is not about the bishops saying something, but about the laity doing something. Feeding Britain has 77 recommendations, a third of which are already being put into action.
- 16 February 2015
Daily Mail
Might I suggest Martin Samuel takes a history lesson (Football gets rich and out they all come, Feb 13) before he tries to upend those of us campaigning for Premier League clubs to pay fair wages to their ground staff?
- Published in The Guardian - 04 February 2015
If we as a country are interested in revolutionising poor children’s life chances, we must recognise that school comes too late for most of them. Instead of ringfencing schools’ budgets, we should be planning to increase budgets for the first five years – the foundation years of a child’s life.
- Published in The Guardian - 11 December 2014
Our proposals seek to reduce as soon as possible the number of people having to rely on food banks. Hence our proposals to boost wages at the bottom, to improve the delivery of benefits, and to keep more money in poorer families’ pockets by tackling the rip-off charges they currently face on household essentials.
- Published in The Times - 11 December 2014
The Times
The most effective move the government can take to eliminate hunger is to improve the delivery of benefits to people in times of need.
- Published in Financial Times - 03 October 2014
Vince Cable pleads for the abolition of the cap on skilled workers visas. Wouldn’t his case be stronger if the 40 per cent of permits for skilled workers which remain unclaimed, according to the latest figures, were indeed claimed?
- Published in The Times - 21 August 2014
The Times
There is a need for a decent minimum and for that minimum to be higher than it is. But calls for reform must be accompanied by a more honest debate on the causes of poverty.
- Published in The Daily Telegraph - 10 July 2014
I am proposing that we combine the NHS with social care. Pensioners would contribute towards the social care element of the new package. Currently social care is offered after a means test, which often involves the sale of the pensioner’s house. This insurance scheme would prevent that, at least for those that have cover.
- Published in The Daily Telegraph - 07 July 2014
Older people have the most to gain from social care combined with the NHS and should pay their fair share
- Published in The Times - 02 July 2014
The Times
Voters don’t like taxes but accept paying NI contributions. It would be better to build on this distinction by, say, hiving off the NHS to be paid for from a reformed NI base, rather than confronting people with a combined system.
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