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- Published in The Guardian - 01 September 2015
David Edgar may be right (Corbyn’s opponents could be correct. But I’m still inspired, Opinion, 31 August), and he does more than raise our spirits. To win in 2020, Labour now needs to appeal to a much more fragmented electorate. To do so successfully, I believe we need to develop further the initiatives that David suggests.
- Published in The Times - 29 August 2015
The Times
The government calls its failure to reduce migrant numbers “deeply disappointing”. What, then, is to be done?
- Published in The Times - 23 July 2015
The Times
Jeremy has always held a principled stand on all issues while others in the Labour party have voted in an attempt to make Labour electable. I hoped Jeremy’s entrance into the race would ensure the other candidates would confront the “deficit denial” stance that clearly a very large proportion of Labour party members hold.
- Published in Daily Mirror - 23 July 2015
The shock front-runner for Labour leader is a deficit denier and it's not too late for the other candidates to challenge him, says Frank Field
- Published in Financial Times - 14 July 2015
Labour has the opportunity to help shape a Budget that could be game-changing while at the same time leading public opinion against a deficit reduction programme that hits, so unfairly, many of the poorest strivers in society.
- Published in The Observer - 12 July 2015
The budget could become the cornerstone of a new industrial and welfare consensus
- Published in The Times - 06 July 2015
The key question for this parliament is how to raise productivity, for it is only by this means that one can securely base real incomes for the vast majority of the population.
- 03 July 2015
The Times
There should be no immediate reductions in tax credits to existing claimants but the aim should be to achieve a policy on the Living Wage which, by the end of the Parliament, had delivered real increases in wages for the lowest paid, which would reduce significantly the claim on wage subsidies.
- Published in The Times - 29 June 2015
The Times
We all have a common-sense understanding of what constitutes being poor: it’s time the government clarified its own view
- Published in Financial Times - 18 May 2015
I am one voter who believes we should attempt to change the face of the EU, that we should seek temporary control of our borders (how can we budget for schools, housing and transport when we don’t know how many millions of people might come here?) while building an outward looking union that sees dismantling our trade barriers as the best means of campaigning against world poverty.
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