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- Published in The Times - 25 June 2016
The Times
The referendum result heralds a resounding victory for those groups of voters who have lost so heavily from globalisation, which have largely been working-class people.
- Published in Financial Times - 24 May 2016
That insurgency began assembling for battle in the UK at the last general election. Nearly 1m one-time Labour voters supported the UK Independence party.
- Published in The Times - 23 May 2016
The Times
A key lesson from the Blair/Brown strategy of lifting NHS funding to the European average was that voters did not see a hypothecated National Insurance increase for health as a tax.
- Published in 24 Housing - 17 May 2016
Labour MPs Frank Field and Margaret Hodge called for clarity after prime minister David Cameron announced plans to introduce a register to identify foreign owners of UK properties.
- Published in The Guardian - 17 May 2016
Nearly a million Labour voters in this country supported Ukip in 2015 and I fear a million more will join them as a result of the EU referendum. These voters are motivated by their feelings for their country and of a decent society that thinks first, but not only, of its responsibility to family and community.
- Published in The Guardian - 22 April 2016
Patrick Butler joins a growing number of people who seek answers on how many people in this country are hungry, and why (Who knows how many people are going hungry? The government should, 20 April). The all-party parliamentary group on hunger, which I chair, has, with great despair, posed this question on a number of occasions over the past two years.
- Published in Daily Telegraph - 08 April 2016
Justice calls for Stephen Crabb, the new Work and Pensions Secretary, to compensate the cohort of women born in the early Fifties who did not receive adequate notice of the increase in their state pension age.
- Published in The Guardian - 16 March 2016
The ONS found that more than a quarter of university graduates earn lower wages than non-graduate employees who have completed an apprenticeship. They showed also that the lowest-earning 40% of graduates are more likely to work in part-time roles than non-graduates with an apprenticeship.
- Published in The Times - 10 March 2016
The Times
Philip Collins confirms the main findings of the review that the prime minister commissioned and which I undertook in 2010 (“Spend more on children and less on pensioners” Mar 4). Most children’s prospects are determined before they start school, hence the importance of what happens during the first five years (the foundation years) of life. But, if we are to open up the life chances of the poorest children, expenditure needs to be more targeted than Collins suggests. First, any growth in the education budget should be skewed towards the foundation years. Second, to see how effective this spending is, we need a set of indicators measuring readiness for birth, toddlerhood and then school.
- Published in The Times - 19 February 2016
The Times
Surely it is now time for the government to look at the different routes into a gambling addiction, for instance, the mega advertising campaigns and online activities, and then act to curb them.
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