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- Published in The Times - 09 February 2016
The Times
The challenge for politicians is to strike a new deal with the electorate that can open up a new, buoyant source of revenue.
- Published in New Statesman - 29 January 2016
New Statesman
What about playing to Jeremy’s strengths rather than emphasising his weaknesses? Two qualities stand out. The first attraction is that he is genuine. What he says now he has maintained ever since I have known him. Many of his passions I share. The disagreement is in the way he puts these utopian goals as if they were an immediate programme for government. We also need to be trusted with the keys to 10 Downing Street.
- Published in The Times - 26 January 2016
The Times
Clare Foges rightly draws attention to the havoc that gambling can wreak on mainly poorer households’ budgets (Tories must rage against the betting machine, 25 January). It isn’t one of the main drivers of household poverty, but where poverty does exist gambling almost certainly compounds it.
- Published in New Statesman - 15 January 2016
New Statesman
Joe Haines is right (The Micawber Syndrome, 6 January) about my nomination of Jeremy Corbyn. I hoped we would get a debate and that is what we certainly have not had.
- Published in The Times - 12 January 2016
The Times
Frank Field urges the government to act quickly to provide clear pension advice to women
- Published in The Guardian - 04 January 2016
Each of us has ideas on representing Labour in parliament, but we’ve long ceased to be on a collective journey. To win we must regain the ability to respond to what people see as their fears and hopes, not what we think those fears and hopes should be.
- Published in New Statesman - 11 December 2015
New Statesman
If we are going to win this war in Syria, we need Syrian troops on the ground fighting with us. On this score, the Russian strategy is correct. The government’s aim may be yet another regime change. But that should be a secondary issue at the moment, when all the efforts should be going into destroying ISIS and its allies and that requires Syrian Government troops.
- Published in The Times - 26 November 2015
The Times
George Osborne ought to draw up a “plan B”, should universal credit turn out to be nothing more than an expensive fantasy.
- Published in The Times - 23 October 2015
The Times
Frank urges a 20p per litre levy on sugary drinks, to fund a national programme of meals during the school holidays
- 14 October 2015
Commons Chamber
I am writing to ask whether the Institute for Fiscal Studies might analyse a proposal that is designed to protect the lowest paid workers from the Government’s planned tax credit reforms – the lowering of the earnings threshold and increasing of the taper rate – that are due to take effect in April 2016
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