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- Published in The Times - 13 December 2016
The Times
To prevent a postcode lottery emerging in the delivery of care, which looks likely under the government’s current proposals, a combined health and social service should be funded by a new, progressive national insurance system
- Published in The Guardian - 01 December 2016
I have put a proposal to the government that sets out to cover each of these points. I have proposed a network of public employment services, driven locally by Jobcentre Plus and sustained by City Deal funding, with the specific aim of helping low-paid workers to climb the earnings ladder and craft their jobs to match their skills and circumstances.
- Published in The Guardian - 17 November 2016
The truth is that no government in recent decades has built enough homes. But with post-Brexit interest rates being at the level they are, the prime minister has a mega opportunity to reverse this trend, thereby paving the way for progress on three fronts: boosting the supply of housing to buy or rent, initiating a serious programme of welfare reform, and meeting voters’ wishes for lower immigration.
- Published in The i - 17 November 2016
An investment and skills-led agenda which reduces the need for overseas workers, without harming the economy, offers Britain's centre-left a major opportunity to apply the lessons it has been served by voters.
- Published in Financial Times - 11 November 2016
Any attempt to play down the growth and significance of the gig economy in the post-Brexit and Trump age will not run. It will succeed only in misrepresenting a fundamental change that is taking place within Britain’s flexible labour market
- Published in The Guardian - 03 November 2016
'The arrival of letters telling people how much worse off they will be under the cap has triggered panic among some of my most vulnerable constituents.'
- Published in The Guardian - 06 September 2016
British ministers are not going naked into the negotiating chamber. If the EU wants with good reason to maintain open borders on trading goods, as it is so much in their advantage, then they will need to concede similar access to services.
- Published in The Times - 05 September 2016
The Times
I reported to the prime minister in 2010 that there was an alternative to the Rowntree approach, centring on life chances. The report, The foundation years: preventing poor children becoming poor adults, highlighted interventions that could equalise the life chances of poor children, and that were more powerful than the impact of income and class. These are the mental health of the mother, the bond between mother and child, and the home-learning environment.
- 01 September 2016
Read Frank's letter to J. K. Rowling on the state of the Labour Party
- Published in New Statesman - 01 September 2016
New Statesman
Labour’s recovery must be about fighting for a Brexit deal that allows our government to begin countering the evils of globalisation visited on many of our voters, not undermining such a deal.
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