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- Published in The Guardian - 03 November 2016
'The arrival of letters telling people how much worse off they will be under the cap has triggered panic among some of my most vulnerable constituents.'
- Published in The Guardian - 06 September 2016
British ministers are not going naked into the negotiating chamber. If the EU wants with good reason to maintain open borders on trading goods, as it is so much in their advantage, then they will need to concede similar access to services.
- Published in The Times - 05 September 2016
The Times
I reported to the prime minister in 2010 that there was an alternative to the Rowntree approach, centring on life chances. The report, The foundation years: preventing poor children becoming poor adults, highlighted interventions that could equalise the life chances of poor children, and that were more powerful than the impact of income and class. These are the mental health of the mother, the bond between mother and child, and the home-learning environment.
- 01 September 2016
Read Frank's letter to J. K. Rowling on the state of the Labour Party
- Published in New Statesman - 01 September 2016
New Statesman
Labour’s recovery must be about fighting for a Brexit deal that allows our government to begin countering the evils of globalisation visited on many of our voters, not undermining such a deal.
- Published in The Times - 11 August 2016
The Times
The bombardment of sixth-formers with the idea that university is best in terms of income has to stop.
- 27 July 2016
Frank today spoke with the BBC about his letter to the Prime Minister on Hermes's treatment of ‘self-employed' workers. Read the letter here.
- Published in New Statesman - 08 July 2016
New Statesman
Ms Sturgeon is the biggest loser from the successful Leave campaign. There is no way the EU will consider a membership application from Scotland when the UK leaves. Spain, for one, is not going to allow Scotland to join, and see Catalonia set in hand the disintegration of Spain within the EU.
- 06 July 2016
Almost 150,000 former Labour voters crossed over to Ukip at the 2010 election. Five years later, at the 2015 election, this number had increased to nearly a million.
- Published in The Times - 25 June 2016
The Times
The referendum result heralds a resounding victory for those groups of voters who have lost so heavily from globalisation, which have largely been working-class people.
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