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Lecture - 30 June 2009
Commons Chamber
A speech from Liam Halligan reflecting on Frank's 30 years as Birkenhead's MP
Lecture - 03 June 2008
St George
English voters are awakening from the great slumber into which they fell when Parliament passed its first devolution measure establishing a Scottish Parliament. The Act of Devolution cannot be a final settlement.
Lecture - 14 May 2008
A couple of months ago I gave the Allen Lane Foundation Lecture. Here I recalled the disappointment Mrs T once expressed to me that here radical tax-cutting strategy had not lead to a rebirth of a giving culture her in Britain
Lecture - 12 February 2008
On one occasion, Mrs T expressed her surprise to me that a giving culture had not been re-established in the wake of her Government's radical tax cutting strategy which saw the top rate of tax cut from 98p to 60p and then to 40p in the 1979 and 1988 budgets.
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