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Lecture - 30 June 2017
Food bank
The text of Frank's speech delivered to the Government Statistical Service and Office for National Statistics on Friday 20th June 2017
Lecture - 16 February 2017
Commons Chamber
Hensley Henson Lecture, Durham University
Lecture - 20 May 2016
Commons Chamber
A lecture delivered at Sherborne Abbey
Lecture - 16 September 2015
Commons Chamber
To him that hath shall be given: A call to arms
Lecture - 08 April 2014
Frank delivers a lecture on Parliament and Social Policy in the State Apartments of the Palace of Westminster, from Tuesday 8 April.
Lecture - 30 January 2014
Stop the Traffik
“We are on the cusp of a great historical advance for this country. We now need to take extra steps to ensure that this is not just a good anti-slavery bill, but a world leading one”.
Lecture - Published in BBC Radio 4 - 21 December 2012
Jonathan Dimbleby presented the topical debate programme from Haddenham in Buckinghamshire. Also on the panel were Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, Daily Mail columnist Max Hastings and the Minister for International Development Alan Duncan MP.
Lecture - 11 December 2012
This evening by Frank Field MP, in a speech commemorating the seventieth anniversary of the publication of the Beveridge Report at Toynbee Hall, put forward the view that austerity, paradoxically, offers the best prospect ever for serious welfare reform.
Lecture - Published in Radio 4 - 27 November 2012
On Tuesday Frank contributed to a Radio 4 debate on the welfare state. The debate was part of a special programme, 'The State of Welfare', to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Beveridge report, which laid the foundations for the welfare state.
Lecture - 22 October 2012
On September 29th 2012 my friend and colleague Malcolm Wicks, MP for Croydon North, lost his year long battle with cancer. On Friday 19th October over 800 people packed into Croydon Minister for service of thanksgiving. I was honoured to deliver the following euology:
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