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Gig economy: there's an easy way to end abusive working conditions

07 July 2017
Guardian Tales of abusive working practices in the self-employed “gig” economy are no less shocking for being familiar. Try this testimony from a driver at Parcelforce, as related in the latest excellent report by Frank Field MP and Andrew Forsey: “I have been fined over £400 for being too sick to get to work for just one day and once had to pay for a company employee’s overtime to come out on [the] route with me whilst I sat next to him with a bucket in case I was sick.”

Field and Forsey’s first report last year prompted the prime minister to appoint Matthew Taylor to review employment practices in the gig economy; the findings and recommendations are due to be published next week. The second, into Uber, encouraged Transport for London to grant the California taxi firm only a short-term licence while it consults on a new regulatory system.


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