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Article - Published in Sunday Express - 30 July 2017
Daily Express
ESTABLISHING an English parliament was the inevitable outcome once the Blair government began to give way to Scottish nationalism.
Article - Published in St Helens Reporter - 27 July 2017
Food bank
A programme of innovative work to improve children's life chances has been revealed by the Liverpool City Region Child Poverty and Life Chances Commission.
Article - Published in The Sunday Times - 16 July 2017
Sunday Times
As with so many campaigns, the revelation that haemophiliacs were being poisoned by faulty blood products came from a family visiting my constituency surgery. Twins and a son had been fed poisonous blood products.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 11 July 2017
Frank Field MP asks Treasury if it has calculated impact on tax revenues of liquidation of companies linked to Anderson Group
Article - Published in Sunday Express - 09 July 2017
Daily Express
MP Frank Field was speaking after figures showed graduate pay is stalling compared to those who leave school and go straight into work.
Article - Published in The Observer - 09 July 2017
Coverage of Frank's campaign in the Observer's Business Leader
Article - Published in The Guardian - 07 July 2017
Report on the gig economy by Frank Field reveals allegations of ‘poverty pay’ and shoddy treatment at Parcelforce, DPD and British Car Auctions
Article - Published in The Guardian - 07 July 2017
Frank Field MP and Andrew Forsey posit a simple but ingenious solution: make companies show their workforces are genuinely self-employed
Article - Published in ITV News - 07 July 2017
Frank Field is publishing his report days before the publication of Matthew Taylor's review of modern employment practices which was set up by the government.
Article - Published in City AM - 06 July 2017
City AM
"The government has acted on the evidence I submitted on the poverty pay and shoddy treatment meted out to some workers at the bottom of the ‘gig economy’, both by commissioning the Taylor Review and now by inquiring specifically around the private hire industry. Watch this space."
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