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Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 02 August 2017
Wirral Globe
The pensioner’s family were so dismayed by his experience they brought it to the attention of Birkenhead MP Frank Field. Mr Field immediately took up the case with hospital trust chief executive David Allison, demanding answers and assurances that everything possible is being done to prevent any repeat.
Article - Published in Sunday Express - 30 July 2017
Daily Express
ESTABLISHING an English parliament was the inevitable outcome once the Blair government began to give way to Scottish nationalism.
Article - Published in St Helens Reporter - 27 July 2017
Food bank
A programme of innovative work to improve children's life chances has been revealed by the Liverpool City Region Child Poverty and Life Chances Commission.
Press Release - 26 July 2017
Commons Chamber
Frank Field, Chair of the Work and Pensions Committee, and Rachel Reeves, the new Chair of the Business Committee, have asked Matthew Taylor to give oral evidence to a joint meeting of the Committees. The Chairs intend to question Mr Taylor on his recent report on modern working practices, including how the Government should act to ensure rights and fair pay for gig economy workers.
- Published in Financial Times - 21 July 2017
We need to negotiate a safe harbour so that the negotiations can be completed in a way that gives industry total confidence that moves are going to be made over decisions on investment and employment.
Press Release - 18 July 2017
Food bank
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger today launches an inquiry into the extent and causes of hunger amongst older people in Britain.
Press Release - 18 July 2017
Food bank
The programme – covering Rock Ferry, Tranmere, Prenton, and the North End of Birkenhead – aims to ensure that children who might otherwise go without food and activities during the holidays are able to eat a decent meal each day and take part in games, arts, crafts, and sports.
- Published in The Guardian - 17 July 2017
If gig companies are required by law always to abide by the minimum wage, even if that means a loss in flexibility, they will need to regulate the supply of labour or pay from their profits the minimum wage when there is not the level of demand to pay all workers at that rate.
Article - Published in The Sunday Times - 16 July 2017
Sunday Times
As with so many campaigns, the revelation that haemophiliacs were being poisoned by faulty blood products came from a family visiting my constituency surgery. Twins and a son had been fed poisonous blood products.
- Published in The Guardian - 11 July 2017
Labour’s immediate campaign should be twofold. Any new money the party commits should be to reverse the cuts in benefits paid to working-age people.
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