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Article - Published in Sunday Times - 10 June 2018
Sunday Times
The “employment guarantee bill” is being spearheaded by Labour’s Frank Field and Conservative Sir Nicholas Soames, and has the backing of a cross-party group of more than 30 MPs.
Article - Published in Sunday Express - 03 June 2018
Daily Express
We need to make a very clear statement that the House of Commons is the superior chamber and that, when we send the Bills back, the Lords will be playing with fire if they send the amendments back again.
Article - Published in The Economist - 31 May 2018
Food bank
The quiet post-war revolution in welfare succeeded by improving the functionality and coverage of the existing system, which went with the grain of the country’s needs. UBI fails that test on every level.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 25 May 2018
The Labour MP Frank Field, a former welfare minister and veteran anti-poverty campaigner, who obtained the take-up figures through parliamentary questions, said: “Healthy Start vouchers have quietly developed into a key weapon in our armoury to defeat malnutrition. They radically improve poorer families’ diets by increasing their consumption of fruit and vegetables as well as vitamin intake, while simultaneously reducing the pressure on their weekly budgets. As things stand, too many of the most disadvantaged families remain exposed to malnutrition because they are not registered for the scheme.”
Article - Published in The i - 24 May 2018
Former minister Frank Field spoke of his alarm that multiple problems with the roll-out of the new benefits regime were driving recipients to use food banks.
Press Release - 24 May 2018
Food bank
Find out what's happening in your community during the school holiday
Press Release - 23 May 2018
Commons Chamber
In a meeting yesterday that Justin Madders MP led, and at which he was accompanied by Frank Field MP, the MPs asked to be involved in meeting trade unions, car manufacturers, and trade associations in this country and Europe, to encourage the respective negotiators on both sides to secure frictionless trade in the automotive sector, recognising that it is in everyone’s interest for there to be no trade barriers.
Article - Published in Sunday Telegraph - 20 May 2018
It follows years of campaigning in Parliament by Frank Field, the Labour MP, for spare rations to be handed to those in need.
Article - Published in The Observer - 20 May 2018
The exodus, uncovered by Labour MP Frank Field, is exacerbating the existing “under-doctoring” of deprived populations – the lack of family doctors in places where poorer people live.
- Published in The Guardian - 18 May 2018
Labour MP Frank Field says workers should be protected by default, and only regarded as self-employed when companies provide proof that they are
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