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There are three very important questions that each local candidate will need to answer if they seek to help local residents get on in life


In this final column prior to the General Election campaign, there are three very important questions that each local candidate will need to answer if they seek to help local residents get on in life.

What will they do to protect our NHS? How will they improve local residents’ standard of living? And how will they ensure all children are given the best start in life?

We have seen time and again over the past couple of years the immense strain on our frontline health services, particularly Arrowe Park. Without drastic action in the next parliament, the NHS will continue along these lines until it ceases to exist as we have known it.

I believe it must remain in public hands and free at the point of use, and I am proposing reforms which would see the NHS freed from constant political interference, properly funded through National Insurance, and meaningfully owned by us, the voters, so it can meet patients’ needs.

Likewise in recent years local residents’ living standards have been hit by a lack of jobs, jobs offering only poverty wages, problems in the benefits system and the rip-off practices employed by utility companies.

I’ve been campaigning for a national Living Wage and job creation schemes, and held the Government to account over the vicious Bedroom Tax, as well as its use of 0845 telephone numbers for benefit and tax credit enquiries.

I have also secured better utility deals and more free-to-use cash machines in Birkenhead. If elected, I will continue pushing for reforms to ease the pressure on household budgets.

I will also continue working to ensure parents and children are able to access enhanced childcare, educational and health services with tailored support so every child can fulfil their potential from their first days of life, and I will push for a fairer funding formula so that Birkenhead’s schools are given as fair a share of funding as schools in wealthier areas.

I look forward to meeting as many local residents as possible during the coming weeks.

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