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The Coalition has given Wirral £228 less to spend on each local resident next year than in 2010


Wirral Council has had to make £150 million worth of cuts imposed by the Coalition Government. The latest round of cuts to Wirral’s budget was rubberstamped on Tuesday.

All of this added together means that the Coalition has given Wirral £228 less to spend on each local resident next year than in 2010. This is a colossal amount of money to lose. I know lots of my constituents have felt the sharp end of the Coalition’s scalpel.

And yet councils in some of the wealthiest parts of the country, like Surrey Heath (Michael Gove’s seat) and Epsom, have been given an increase in spending power. It baffles me as to how Ministers seek to defend this distribution of cuts on the grounds of fairness. It flies in the face of fairness.

So what can be done in the next Parliament to repair at least some of this damage?

The next government will need to make spending cuts – no serious political party can escape this scenario – but they will be able to choose how and where to distribute them. I will be asking for a fairer distribution than the one chosen by the Coalition.

A fairer distribution should entail those areas which lost the least during this Parliament being asked to contribute much more in the next.

I shall be pressing for such a proposal, on the grounds that it hands as fair a deal to more deprived local authorities as it does to richer ones.

Might I suggest you ask your general election candidates whether they will do the same?

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