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The tragedy of suicides


If you have had a friend or relative who has taken their own life, you will know all too well the devastating impact of suicide; the shock and grief of sudden bereavement, but also anger, guilt and shame. Everyone pays a terrible and long-lasting price.

Here on the Wirral, there have been 85 suicides in last four years alone, of which 53 were in the last two years, and most of these were men.

The country is waking up to the tragedy of suicide – we even have a Department of Health National Suicide Prevention Strategy. Yet away from Whitehall, millions are buckling under the burden of poverty, addictions, relationship problems and so much more. But has this really led to the rise in suicide? Maybe. Or is there something more?

Ireland’s leading suicide prevention counsellor, Dr Jim O’Donoghue, believes that current treatment for suicidal feelings is missing the point. The sources of suicide, he believes, lie in how some people lose their sense of meaning and hope. This helps us to understand how some people appear to weather even the most testing of life’s troubles whilst others see taking their own life as the only way out of their overwhelming feelings of pain, distress and despair.

Getting to the very root of a suicidal person’s despair is the key to saving their life. And in saving one life, we can also rescue that person’s friends and family from a blighted future.

Dr O’Donoghue will be speaking at an event organised by the Mersey Counselling and Therapy Centre in Wallasey on October 18. If you would like to attend, please call Angela O’Connor, Director of the Mersey Counselling and Therapy Centre, on 0151 639 0400 .

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