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EU vote

The Prime Minister is wrong if my post bag is anything to go by.  Constituents do want a referendum on the EU.
I spoke and voted in the House on Monday in favour of the country having such a referendum.  But why did the leaders of all three parties impose a three line whip in support of the government line?
As part of repairing the damage to politicians’ relationship with voters the government  instituted an e-petition system.  A hundred thousand voters signing the same petition could trigger a debate here in the Commons. Monday’s European debate was decided largely by constituents emailing a request for such a debate.
The main reason why I voted for a referendum was that voters feel that they have been deceived on this issue, and that they have never been told the truth.
Edward Heath negotiated terms for Britain’s EU entry, without any authority from the electorate.  Heath made much afterwards of how he had tricked the electorate into voting for a common market when the aim was a single European state.
I voted for the amendment partly to repair some damage with the voters.  The Labour government promised a vote on the Lisbon Treaty and failed to deliver.  The Tories offered a vote and then said, once in power, it was too late to have one.
My guess is that when we have the referendum – and we will have a referendum – most people will want to strengthen the government’s hand by demanding a major return of powers from Brussels to Westminster.  And what is so bad about that? 
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