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The Government has forced upon Wirral Council a host of draconian cuts. I share the view of Phil Davies, the leader of the council, and Eric Robinson, the council’s chief executive, whose policy now is to cease the practice of dividing any government cuts or bounties equally between the four Wirral constituencies. The schools part of Wirral’s budget has been protected, but everything else is having to share the government-inflicted pain. One such area exposed to cuts is the...
There were last year more than 5,000 reports of anti-social behaviour in Birkenhead. I suspect there were many hundreds more incidents that went unreported, as there seemed to be no point in reporting them. The yobs have become an almighty blight on some of the areas around Birkenhead Park, Grange Road and central Birkenhead, as well as parts of Tranmere and Rock Ferry. They’ve ruined too many people’s lives, and with them, the wellbeing of our communities. I’ve been...
Those local people with a petition to close NHS services run by private companies are mistaken. I understand the hullabaloo given that the NHS remains this country’s most cherished institution. But Aneurin Bevan in 1948 agreed to GPs being private businesses. The major providers of healthcare have always been independent contractors providing NHS services. Let me give you an example of how these services benefit my constituents and me. I pulled some soft shoulder tissue well before the...
Following a series of complaints from Bidston residents who live near St Oswald’s Church, and in light of two road accidents within the space of a few weeks, I wrote to Phil Davies, leader of Wirral Council, asking whether he might get the council to work more closely with the police and take urgent steps to improve road safety in Bidston. Phil is anxious to follow up on residents’ concerns and immediately referred the issue to senior council highways officers. Along with...
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