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Birkenhead has led the way this year in the national fightback against hunger. That was one of the themes running through last week’s cross-party report, A route map to ending hunger as we know it in the United Kingdom, which was launched by the Archbishop of Canterbury. A second theme, sadly, was that hunger in our town is here to stay unless the Government can pay benefits and tax credits promptly and in full, protect the wellbeing of strivers working on zero hours contracts, and bring
A few hundred Birkenhead residents out of 68,000 voters across the town wrote with their views on last week’s vote on Syria. Correspondence with local residents is always important to me as you are always actively lobbying me on a number of topics. Very few of those writing to me last week showed alarming ignorance over my work as their Member of Parliament. One even suggested I should pay the food bank a visit. His ignorance blinded him to the work I’ve been doing with our food
I will be supporting a bill on Friday which seeks to give local authorities the powers they need to stop cars parking on pavements. The problem of pavement parking is particularly acute in some of Birkenhead’s residential streets where the pavements are so narrow and parking spaces so few. The Pavement Parking Bill, which I have co-sponsored, sets out to help the blind, the elderly and mums with pushchairs and young children whose lives are put at risk by rows of cars parked on the...
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