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The costs that come with burying or cremating a loved one are landing a not insignificant number of families in severe hardship. One lady visiting my surgery told me she can’t even afford to redeem her loved one’s ashes from the undertaker. While public grants are supposed to cover the costs of a hearse, a minister and a coffin, it seems that in some cases they fail to do so and, in others, they just don’t stretch far enough to cover the full list of charges grieving...
Last Thursday’s meeting of Feeding Birkenhead was both deeply depressing as well as hugely spirit raising. How come? It was deeply depressing to hear from so many organisations that make up Feeding Birkenhead of the extent of hunger amongst children. Seven of the 20 organisations present were reporting on their efforts in the summer holiday to feed children who might otherwise be hungry. An underlying theme at the meeting was that far from beating hunger amongst children, such a...
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