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All the examples of cruelty by NHS staff have involved very frail elderly patients. There is also talk that some areas are rationing treatment for their most elderly patients. So what is happening in the Wirral? There is no question that the NHS budget is under massive pressure – that’s why I suggest to Labour that we need a new finance and reform programme for the next Parliament. Who gets what out of the health service is therefore a crucial question and I will be spending...
Staff morale in Wirral’s NHS is in a critical condition. The dire consequences of this are felt not only by those working in our hospitals, but are borne ultimately by patients receiving inadequate care. Only 18 out of 140 acute NHS Trusts recorded lower staff satisfaction in last year’s survey than Wirral, and our NHS staff feel more pressure at work than their colleagues in almost two thirds of acute NHS Trusts. But these figures only really begin to paint the picture of...
Shopkeepers and residents in Heswall were up in arms last week about the car park charges in their town. Business owners say they have lost a quarter of their trade since these increased charges were introduced last year, and other services such as the library say they have noticed fewer people coming through their doors. There is clearly some concern around transport issues limiting shoppers’ access to our high streets. Many shoppers also have to plan their way around...
Last week I had the privilege of presenting awards to young people who had completed their learning programmes with the Tranmere Community Project (TCP). The achievements of both the TCP and the pupils themselves are simply stunning. The young people begin their programmes with the TCP having dropped out of school because they lack confidence, have low self-esteem and find it more difficult than their peers to manage the pressure of school work and relationships. And schools are not yet...
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