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The national Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger and Food Poverty held its first evidence session last Friday in Birkenhead. We spoke with local churches, voluntary organisations, members of the food industry and, most importantly, people who have had to rely on food banks to avoid going hungry. Two things, in particular, became clear. First, we need a buffer zone to keep us safe and secure when a crisis occurs in our lives, or when we make mistakes. This function has been performed,...
UKIP’s success is a major signpost on the road to the permanent balkanisation of the old two-party system. And any amazement at last Thursday’s turn of events should reflect on how long the two-party system survived, not how quick its demise is proving.  Britain has long been a consumer society in everything but party politics. In an age when the consumer was gaining almost infinite choice, politics offered only two parties. These great coalitions of views were bound to...
My campaign against the rip-off merchants has already forced the Government, the banks and energy companies to take action to stop ordinary people from being ripped off. Here are some of our early victories. EDF Energy is offering a two-year price freeze to all 6 million prepayment customers across the country, which will bring these tariffs into line with cheaper direct debit methods. The banks and insurance companies have joined the Citizens Advice Bureau in agreeing to scrap their...
A few months ago I looked into the job prospects of university graduates compared with people who had completed an apprenticeship. I found that more than a quarter of university graduates are earning lower wages than people who have completed an apprenticeship. The figures also showed that the lowest earning 40 per cent of graduates are more likely to work in part-time roles than people with an apprenticeship. The political focus on apprenticeships from each of the main parties is...
The political establishment is still a million miles away from understanding UKIP’s challenge and appeal. All established political parties would have suffered a death like collapse in support if any part of the recent media exposure on UKIP’s untoward activities had been directed at them. It’s easy to understand UKIP support once we accept the now visceral hatred of established politicians by a growing proportion of the electorate. This group now think totally different...
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