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Knowsley Court used to be owned by the council. The last Labour government tried to persuade councils to transfer all their housing to other social landlords. The persuasion was by way of cash. Councils sold their housing on the assumption that their associations would be able to borrow on the capital value of the new assets. This was not meant be borrowing for borrowing sake. New capital was to be used to modernise the properties. That is precisely what Wirral
Wirral Council is set to make the most fundamental changesto how services are delivered in our area. The aim is that Council services should be much more sensitive to local demands.  The Council has therefore established four constituency committees. Last Thursday the Birkenhead councillors and I decided to find out how much public money is spent in Wirral.  We know the total Council budget for Wirral.  But we don't know how it's divided between...
Part of Friday was spent in Weatherhead High School, Wallasey, and then at the junior school at Birkenhead High School Academy. Full details of my Friday diary are always on my website. The young women at Weatherhead are concerned about the future of Central Park in Wallasey.   The £300m government grant has been butchered by £100m. The students know that the Council is up against it and fear that the parks budget will be cut.  They...
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