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Andrew Adonis – now Lord Adonis - is in town on Friday. He was the great reforming education Minister of the last Labour government.   The main point of his visit is to open the extension to the Birkenhead High School Academy. It was Andrew who was anxious that this school should come into the state sector as our first Academy in Birkenhead.   I was very supportive of this move. Under Chris Mann, a new head, the school has been safely extending its catchment to girls and...
I have written before on the bedroom tax, but the more I think about it the more angry I am. Over a thousand constituents will this month find that their rent is not covered in full.   I object to the bedroom tax on a number of grounds.  Many tenants would be happy to have smaller accommodation if it was available.   It is the extreme worry that many of my constituents face that so appals me.  I think of my mum.  She would be worried out of her mind if she was in...
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