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Despite the funding constraints forced upon Wirral Council in this week’s Budget, the campaign to keep our Williamson alive and thriving is gathering momentum. The overarching aim of the campaign is to draw upon the various talents, passions and expertise of local residents to make the most of one of our local community’s finest assets. Our latest meeting gave birth to a new community-based trust with the aim of running of the Williamson with the full support of Wirral...
The Government announced this week that 92 households in Wirral have had their benefits capped. The benefit cap limits the payment of benefits to £500 per week for a family, and £350 for a single person. It is estimated by the government to be affecting 28,000 households across the country.The payment of such staggering sums demonstrates the need for Labour to redouble its efforts on welfare reform. Most people in Birkenhead face a cap on what they actually get from working at
The newly-formed Birkenhead Constituency Committee met for the first time last week. We’re doing something that no other area of the country has done before. We are looking at every penny of public money spent in Birkenhead and asking whether or not it is being spent in a way that delivers the best possible results for local taxpayers. The committee is focused on outcomes. Is public health funding delivering longer life expectancy and reducing infant mortality? Are our streets as...
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