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Birkenhead has lost too many of its beautiful buildings. Over the years I've been asked to open new developments. There has been one conversion which I thought an improvement on what was there before. Methodist Housing built one of the four developments to which I would give a star rating. Riverside gave Birkenhead its second star development. The new village on what was Five Ways is the third. On Friday, I opened the fourth development to which I would give star rating. Many of...
The government’s Child Poverty Commission recently reported that today’s children and young people will gain far fewer material possessions than their parents. These findings are old hat, and I fear the real extent of child poverty across the country is far deeper than many of those in Whitehall wish to acknowledge. On a recent visit to a school experiencing challenging circumstances in Birkenhead, the school governors told me of their deep concern over the wellbeing of their...
It must be mega-difficult for any company to turn over its existing policy. It’s always easier to remain quiet and hide behind the inaction of other companies. I, like Robin Aitken, applaud Tesco for changing, and hope they’ll become the lead in supermarkets on this and other scores: Robin Aitken - The Times, 22 October 2013 There was something deeply hypocritical about Tesco’s announcement yesterday that it has discovered that a lot of its food goes to waste....
The bankers are up to their old tricks again.  Bleeding those on low income is high up their agenda.   On Saturday I went across to the general store in Rock Ferry to get some money out of the cash point.  Displayed was a notice that I would be charged £1.50 for this privilege.   Practically everywhere else these machines boast that they deliver cash free.     I can well afford a rip-off charge, but I couldn't if I was living on a low income.  I...
Who would have thought 10 years ago, let alone earlier in the post-war period, that food banks would be a growing industry? But that’s what’s happening in Britain today. Clearly something disturbing is happening at the bottom of our society. Food banks are becoming part of the scene. Some people explain away the existence of food banks by asserting that here is another example of supply creating its own demand. In other words if you set up a food bank people make use of...
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