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THE phone rang. Would I take the call from Nick Mulhall, the new boss at RFD Beaufort? My heart sank. These calls are invariably to tell me that major redundancies or a closure is to be announced. Nick’s voice came on the phone. I'm the new MD. I'm ringing to introduce myself and invite you to revisit our site. That return visit took place last Friday. Those of you who watched last Thursday's TV news on the successful rescue mission of the passengers in a helicopter brought down near...
The local elections last week in Wirral gave us a foretaste of the general election.   I thought David Cameron immediately after the last election would have gone for a short-term arrangement with the Liberal Democrats while awaiting another election six months hence. I was wrong.   Instead the Prime Minister formed his coalition. The original Tory decontamination strategy has failed. Decontamination would now be continued by joining up with the Lib Dems.   I had always...
Friday was a return visit. I had already been to The Lauries to meet ‘Get into Reading’.   I met, yet again, a wonderful group of young people. All of them had an extraordinary tale to tell.   Some months ago I was invited to speak at the National Literacy Trust’s conference. The intention was to speak on the ‘foundation years’ report but the other speakers were so good that I stayed for most of the day.   The organisers asked the assembled...
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