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The strength of local communities in Birkenhead never ceases to surprise me.    In my local Church, St. Peter’s in Rock Ferry, for example there is a thriving group of devoted individuals who not only safeguard the church, but run in it all manner of organisations for the public good.   On Friday I finished my day at the Mayor’s fashion show at House of Fraser.  There was a real buzz there and our Mayor reported that well over £800 had been raised for...
My Westminster work and the work I undertake in Birkenhead naturally overlaps.  It did so rather dramatically a week ago.    A couple of years ago I was asked to chair the King James Bible Trust.  Our single aim was to celebrate during this year the 400th anniversary of the great book's publication.   I confess that the reason I accepted the invitation was not religious.  I did so because of the role I see the King James Bible playing in developing our...
The one topic above all others that my constituents raise with me is immigration.  This, despite the fact that Birkenhead is far less affected by the arrival of newcomers than many other areas of the country.    In response to this legitimate lobbying from Birkenhead voters I established a cross party group calling for balanced migration.  The British economy benefits from some workers coming here but our group is gravely concerned about the scale of current...
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