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The Bank of England has estimated the loss of output since the great crash. At the same time it has made its most explicit proposals yet on the future of our banking system. Andrew Haldane, the Bank's Director for Financial Stability, puts the loss of output from a bank generated recession at £7.4trn for the UK. He puts the hidden cost to taxpayers of implicit support to the big UK banks at more than £50bn. No wonder he has views on banking reform - or, as he might have put...
The Government today recycles much of its previous statement on social care. A compulsory levy will be introduced to create a universal system of social care for adults in England, according to the plans now unveiled by ministers. What will follow is Labour wins? At best a new commission will be established to look at when and how the fees should be applied. If we are lucky we will then get a new system implemented in the parliament after next. During my time as an MP I have undertaken...
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