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The Government threatened what it liked to call the rebels that voting against them was a nuclear option. The thumbscrews were applied. If the new clause blocking the Budget was passed Armageddon would begin. From 18:00 that evening the Government would not have been able to collect taxes. Taxes so far collected during the current financial year under the temporary taxing powers granted to all Governments to get their Budget proposals through by August 5th would be annulled. The...
I was stung by John Humphrys' observation on the Today programme that those Labour members attempting to get justice for lower-paid workers who lost out with the abolition of the 10p starting rate of tax were rebels. In one sense we are, but not in the more profound sense. The rebels are surely Gordon Brown and his then cohorts at the Treasury who overturned the most basic of Labour's commitment to the poor. The abolition of the 10p starting rate of tax raised most of the revenue to fund a...
The News of the World this week carried a news story - I don't know why it has been resurrected - about assisted suicide, which involved me. The tale is as follows. One of my great friends was Barbara Wootton - one of the most intelligent people of the last century. We would have tea regularly in the House of Lords where she was a distinguished Member. On a trip to her barn outside Dorking she told me she had joined Exit. She was intent to take her own life if she became severely...
I have no objection to MPs declaring their outside earnings; although I don't think the debate will unfold in quite the manner that some of the reformers believe. Let me wind the clock back. Back in April the Government's side has girded itself up for another attack on the Tories. The campaign went we would stuff them over their part-time earnings. The resolution was passed by the House so that details of earnings should be declared in detail from today. Linked into the motion was a...
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