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January is always a tough month for families who are trying to foot the bills from Christmas. Some families over the past few weeks will have been up to their ears in paperwork from various credit cards. The last thing they will have needed is to be pestered by companies trying to get them to sign up for yet more credit cards. Yet that is exactly what has been happening in and around Birkenhead’s main shopping precinct. A number of companies have pitched up outside the market and along...
The St James’ Centre was packed full for a residents meeting last Friday. Councillor George Davies and I had invited Magenta to address residents’ concerns about the condition of the Crossways Estate. Magenta deserves credit for the way it has responded. Three immediate steps were agreed at the meeting. First, Magenta is to send in its Antisocial Behaviour officers to patrol the area on a regular basis. This should prevent any trouble occurring, and, in the event an...
I’m pleased to report progress on two fronts. First, members of the Save Woodside Ferries Action Group met last Friday with Councillor Liam Robinson, Chair of Merseytravel and his officers.  We had a really useful meeting. There now seems to be a common commitment to trying to keep Woodside open. This is thanks in no small part to the thousands of Birkenhead residents who have expressed their opposition to proposals which would bring about the closure of the terminal....
Social surveys that were undertaken a little over a century ago picked up on the mouldy, damp and poorly ventilated homes in some parts of the country that were wreaking havoc on their tenants’ health and wellbeing. Fast forward to 2016 and still there are parts of Birkenhead in which parents are having to throw out their children’s toys and clothes because they are caked in mould, while the bathroom light cannot be switched on because there is water dripping through the...
As always when I report back on our Feeding Birkenhead campaign, there is a mixture of depression and excitement. For when we met last Thursday at FareShare’s new Wirral depot, groups helping to feed Birkenhead’s hungry reported that some residents spent Christmas Day in cold, dark homes with no food. Others had begged for a candle or two to avoid having to endure this prospect. Around two in five families – including those working in insecure jobs – who are turning to
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