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One in every three five-year-olds in Birkenhead is affected by tooth decay, meaning they are four times more likely to suffer from tooth decay than their peers who live in the Health Secretary’s constituency. Although dental decay can easily be prevented through reducing sugar consumption, regular brushing, and adequate exposure to fluoride, it has emerged as the number one reason why children aged five to nine are admitted to hospital across the country. The number of kids admitted for
Before Birkenhead, there was the Priory. The Priory is probably the oldest building in Merseyside and is remembered today as being given a Royal Charter to establish, in those famous words, a ferry across the Mersey. The Parish Church of Birkenhead was St Mary’s, which was built within the Priory site. Its tower remains open to visitors, as does the rest of the site. I have visited the site often, but last Friday was an official visit to meet the volunteers. It is this group of people...
Come Thursday, we all have a chance to vote about the future of our country. I am voting on balance for our country to Leave the EU, but I totally respect people who will come to a different conclusion. For me, the issue is one which boils down to control of our borders. That is not simply because we need to be able to regulate the numbers of people coming to this country to work, and will thereby naturally bring their families. Any country needs to know how many people are likely to be...
I was really pleased last week to meet with a guide dog owner who had travelled down to Parliament from Birkenhead. Over 100 guide dog owners from across the country came to Westminster to talk to their MPs about the discrimination they face each day as they go about their lives. On the back of my conversation with our Birkenhead resident, I am supporting the charity Guide Dogs’ “Access All Areas” campaign to ensure guide dog owners can carry out everyday activities, such as
The Work and Pensions Committee, which I chair, recently published an interim report on the communication of the new state pension. We recommended in the report that the cohort of women born in the 1950s, who did not receive adequate notice of the increase in their state pension age, should be given the right to draw their pension early but at a reduced rate. We made this proposal in the context of severe government spending constraint, in the hope that it may ameliorate some of the worst
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