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The news is through at last that Birkenhead's independent all-girls' school has safely made the journey from being independent to becoming Birkenhead's first academy. What a wonderful gift to what the Cabinet Member for Children, Phil Davies, has called "the family of schools in Wirral". There have, of course, been those people who have tried to prevent this wonderful gift being bestowed on young people in Birkenhead. I have opposed them resolutely all along the line. My support for,...
Voters will join up two of today's main stories even if politicians do not. About 140 thousand manufacturing jobs will be lost this year according to the Electrical Engineering Federation Industry Group. And the other story? Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin wall, Western Leaders were told yesterday that five million jobs could be lost in the ‘new' European Union countries of the East, unless radical action is taken to bail them out. If we take no action it is likely many of...
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