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Might I please thank local residents for the generosity and support they have shown yet again for Feeding Birkenhead? Following our recent appeal, residents have donated £200 towards Feeding Birkenhead’s school breakfast programme. This will enable ten of our schools – each pallet costs £20 – to offer porridge, muesli, tea, fruit drinks and fruit snacks each morning for those children who might otherwise start lessons on an empty stomach. All of the food, which...
Mental health remains the poor relation when it comes to health funding. Each year, hundreds of people in the North West take their own lives. Yet mental health remains the poor relation when it comes to health funding. People’s natural impulse to fill this gap in local services has led to charities taking on much of the responsibility for helping people who are suffering with poor mental health and on the brink suicide. Mersey Counseling and Therapy Centre, a charity based in New...
People working on the front line of Merseyside’s health and social care services have had their backs to the wall throughout the winter. They are working desperately hard to maintain a decent level of care for patients. But the strain on A&E units, in particular, has become overwhelmingly difficult to deal with. One nurse who recently contacted me described herself as ‘broken’. The nurse reported that up to five ambulances at a time are queuing each night to offload...
Might I please kick-off 2017 with a New Year’s resolution not only for Birkenhead, but for the country as a whole? Homelessness, both in the form of sleeping on the streets and families having to ‘surf’ from one friend or relative’s sofa to another each week, is emerging as a large and growing problem. This has become painfully apparent at successive meetings of Feeding Birkenhead. Food banks and other projects working with vulnerable individuals generally do not...
Might I please take this opportunity to wish Birkenhead residents a Happy Christmas, and to make a seasonal wish for our town’s children? One of the most urgent problems to have presented itself over the past year is that of children arriving at school hungry each day. I was appalled to learn earlier in the year that, in some of our schools, as many as one in four children begin lessons on an empty stomach. Some teachers have responded to this urgent need by paying from their own...
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