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Frank Field MP
Your MP for Birkenhead
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FF slavery

Featured News

Article - 08 April 2014
In a report published today, Tuesday 8th April 2014, the Committee charged with scrutinising the UK’s proposed new anti-slavery laws says the law must be simplified and strengthened, and the focus of the legislation must shift to the victims of slavery: changes that are “morally right and fundamental to effective prosecution”.

Latest from Frank

Press Release - 16 April 2014
Universal Credit
Frank is backing Usdaw’s campaign to persuade the Government to change Universal Credit rules that mean working people will only be allowed to keep 24p in every extra pound they earn.
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 16 April 2014
Wirral Globe
The All-Party Parliamentary inquiry – due to hold its first regional session in Birkenhead on May 23 – will investigate underlying causes driving the rising demand for food aid.
Article - Published in The Sun - 12 April 2014
On a request from Frank, the Financial Conduct Authority has now launched a probe into the rip off lines.
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 11 April 2014
Liverpool Echo
Frank Field ready for 'big fight' over Land Registry changes
Press Release - 07 April 2014
Commons Chamber
In answer to Frank’s parliamentary question, the Government admitted that councils across the country applied for an extra £12.9 million in 2013-14 to cover Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP), which are means-tested payments that provide temporary help to families struggling to pay their rent.
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 07 April 2014
Liverpool Echo
Frank said the latest data released, showing an extra £1,074,000 had been applied for by Liverpool, Sefton, Wirral, Knowsley, St Helens and Halton councils, proved even the government had to recognise the bedroom tax was not working.
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 07 April 2014
Wirral Globe
Birkenhead’s MP has obtained figures showing Merseyside needed an extra £1m in Government funding this year to cover part of the costs of housing benefit reforms – on top of an initial grant of £4.2m.

Frankly Speaking

Frank's Blog from Westminster

02 April 2014
Wirral is being ripped off. Our poorest residents in particular are held to ransom by companies...
26 March 2014
I welcomed Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group’s decision to invest in developing services so

Frank's Campaigns

The Home Secretary has asked Frank to lead an evidence review for the proposed Modern Slavery Bill
Investigating the root causes behind hunger, food poverty and demand for food banks
Cool Earth
Protecting rainforests to help combat climate change
Liverpool City Region Child Poverty and Life Chanc
Seeking sustainable solutions to child and family poverty
Cash Machine Charges
Campaign for More Free Cash Machines in Deprived Areas
Combatting human trafficking in the UK and around the world
Foundation Years Action Group
Promoting the vital importance of the foundation years
Balanced Migration
Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration
King James Bible Trust
Celebrating the 400th anniversary of 'The Book That Changed The World'
Poverty and Life Changes
In 2010 Frank chaired the Review, reporting to the Prime Minister
The Pensions Reform Group
Ending pensioner poverty

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